DATE: October 14, 2021 11:30am -1pm – Everyone invited to attend


September 7:    Faculty/Staff Registration due on google form for table reservation (click for Google Form)

October 14: 

                 10:30-11:15am- set up for professors/faculty/staff with a registered table

                 11:30-1pm- Tabling Fair for students to attend

WHERE: Ferguson Center Ballroom-3rd floor

Click for Program – Faculty Research Showcase 2021

Table Numbers Faculty Member UA Department or Office
1 Kevin Kocot Biological Sciences
2 Ryan Earley Biological Sciences
3 Thomas Franzem Biological Sciences
4 Stanislava Chtarbanova Biological Sciences
5 RAVIKUMAR MAJETI Bioscience and Medicine (CCHS)
6 Mercedes M. Morales-Aleman CCHS/CMPH
7 Pamela H Foster Community Medicine/Population Health and Institute for Rural Health Research
8 Nathan Culmer, Todd Smith College of Community Health Sciences, Capstone College of Nursing
9 Janet Brown PhD, MSN, RN, CPN Capstone College of Nursing
10 Sara Kaylor Capstone College of Nursing
11 Subhadra Gupta Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
12 James Harris Chemical and Biological Engineering
13 Dr. Amanda Koh Chemical and Biological Engineering
14 Qiang Huang Chemical and Biological Engineering
15 Dr. Matthew Thompson Chemistry and Biochemistry
16 Shanlin Pan Chemistry and Biochemistry
17 Mark A Elliott Civil Engineering
18 Mr. Steven Polunsky Transportation Policy Research Center
19 Nilesh Kumar Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
20 Bhupendra Khandelwal Mechanical Engineering
21 Michael goodwin Mechanical Engineering
22 Sean Amini Mechanical Engineering
23 Xiangrong Shen Mechanical Engineering
24 Scott Spear Remote Sensing Center
25 Jiaqi Gong Computer Science
26 Elizabeth Tagg Department of Communication Studies
27 George Daniels Journalism and Creative Media
28 Carol Donovan Belsen-Parton Literacy Center
29 Sheunghyun Yeo Curriculum and Instruction
30 Jewoong Moon Department of Educational Leadership, Policy and Technologies
31 Stephen Katsinas Department of Educational Leadership, Policy and Technologies
32 Jonathan Wingo Kinesiology
33 Nicholas Magliocca Department of Geography
34 Holly L Horan Anthropology
35 Tricia Witte Human Development and Family Studies
36 Jason Scofield Human Development and Family Studies
37 Lingyan Kong Human Nutrition
38 Libo Tan Human Nutrition
39 Diane Boyd Schultz Music
40 Russell McCutcheon Religious Studies
41 Hee Lee School of Social Work
42 Vincent Scalfani University Libraries
43 Office for Undergraduate Research Dr. Kimberly Bissell, Jackie Harrison, and Research Ambassadors

The Office for Undergraduate Research’s Faculty Research Showcase is an annual exposition of research conducted by faculty members and graduate students at the University of Alabama. The purpose of this event is to introduce undergraduates to research faculty and their research. We hope to introduce students to the diversity of research conducted at UA and allow students to network with research faculty members.

Faculty and graduate researchers will work a table at the event and answer questions about research opportunities in their field.

This is an expedited opportunity to meet faculty without making an appointment or visiting during office hours. Many of the labs available for undergraduates on campus will be here all in one place and time. Thank you for your interest in attending the Faculty Research Showcase, presented by The Office for Undergraduate Research and The Office for Research and Economic Development.

For any questions, please contact Jackie Harrison or Dr. Kim Bissell

If you are a Faculty or Staff registering to showcase your lab at the Faculty Research Showcase event, please fill out this form before September 7.


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