Why Apply?

Do you like learning more about the world around you, taking a hands-on approach to problem solving, and being a part of something big? Then the Emerging Scholars Program might be for you!

The Emerging Scholars Program provides first- and second- year student at the University of Alabama with a unique opportunity to engage in research with our award-winning faculty. With help from the Program’s director and a network of current and former Emerging Scholars, you will find a faculty mentor whose research interests you. You will take an active role in the research process, learn how to present your work to other scholars, and develop relationships and skills that will serve you long after graduation.

If you think research only happens in the Natural Sciences, think again. Emerging Scholars have engaged in research in virtually every Department on campus. Whether you’re interested in cyber crime or art history, there is a research opportunity waiting for you!

For each cohort, the program typically accepts 60 freshmen, sophomores and juniors. Grades and test scores will be used to determine if a student is ready for the program, but successful applicants will have demonstrated passion for learning. Please take a look at our Application and consider applying for this program!

Inside Access

You may already have your next four years mapped out, or you may not know what direction to go just yet.  Either way, engaging in research supplements your coursework and gives you inside access to the questions, problems, and topics in your chosen (or possible) field of study.  What you learn in the lab will help you excel in the classroom as you see the relationship between your lessons and your research.

For many students, engaging in research is a perfect opportunity to get a “sneak peek” into a possible career.  Undecided majors can learn more about a potential career path early in their coursework and decide what direction they will choose.

Professional Development

Researchers are problem solvers.  They ask questions, search for answers, and propose solutions to issues in the world around them.  When you become a researcher, you will also develop these skills that will help you in your post-graduate career.

​You may be surprised to find that research plays an important role in many career fields.  It is the basis for decision-making, quality control, and sustainable success.  With undergraduate research experience under your belt, you will be an attractive candidate for post-graduate education and job opportunities.

Networking Opportunities

You will learn from many professors during your time at The University of Alabama, but working in partnership with a faculty mentor is an experience that many Emerging Scholars would consider an invaluable part of their college career.

​Many Scholars work alongside upperclassmen, graduate students, and other research professionals during their time as a researcher.  The relationships they build provide a far-reaching network of support, guidance, and connections that last through college and beyond graduation.

Competitive Edge

Students who engage in undergraduate research have an advantage over their peers when it is time to apply to medical and graduate schools.  Successful Emerging Scholars do not engage in research as a resume boost – they are passionate about the work they do, and their dedication is an impressive addition to their excellent academic performance.