Program Timeline

Emerging Scholars are actively engaged in the program for two semesters during their time on campus. They also present their research at the University of Alabama’s annual Undergraduate Research & Creative Activities Conference (URCA).

UA 155

Once accepted into the program, Emerging Scholars should register for UA 155. During UA 155, students will learn the fundamentals of research to prepare them for working with a faculty mentor. Students will also meet with the Emerging Scholars director and find a faculty mentor to work with to complete UA 156.

UA 156

After completing the introductory research course UA 155, students can choose to take UA 156 the following semester or defer to a later semester. An independent study credit, students work with faculty on a research project they will present their findings at the next consecutive URCA.

Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity Conference

Emerging Scholars are required to present their research at the Undergraduate Research & Creative Activities Conference immediately following their completion of UA 156. Although they are required to present at one URCA conference to fulfill the program requirements, Emerging Scholars are encouraged to continue presenting their research at every URCA conference during their time at the University of Alabama