Faculty Research Showcase Art Contest winner Rylie Curry

Faculty Research Showcase (Program)

Pan Lab

Dr. Shanlin Pan | Chemistry and Biochemistry

Cognition, Brain, and Autism Laboratory

Dr. Rajesh Kana | Psychology

Computational Mechanics Groups: Computation mechanics for material processing

Dr. Alexey Volkov | Mechanical Engineering

Writing Instruction in Elementary and Middle Schools Grades

Dr. Tracey S. Hodges | Curriculum and Instruction

Telepractice Lab: Supporting Families with Children with Autism via Telepractice

Dr. Yusuf Akamoglu | Special Education and Multiple Abilities

Manufacturing at the Point-of-Need Initiative

Dr. Paul Allison | Mechanical Engineering

The Micro-Facial Expression Tracking (MET) Lab

Dr. Yurou Wang and Halim Lee | Department of Educational Studies in Psychology, Research Methodology, and Counseling

Undergraduate Research Opportunities in the Classics Program

Dr. Kelly Shannon-Henderson | Modern Languages and Classics

Computer Laboratory of Ambient and Wearable Systems

Dr Edward Sazonov | Electrical and Computer Engineering

CLASS Lab: Forensic psychology research

Dr. Lauren Kois | Psychology

Kong Lab: Food biomacromolecules in nutrition and nanotechnology

Dr Lingyan Kong | Human Nutrition

Alabama Reddit Research Group

Dr. Elliot Panek | Journalism & Creative Media

Tan Lab: Bioavailability, Pharmacokinetics, and Biological Activities of Micronutrients and Phytochemicals

Dr. Libo Tan | Human Nutrition and Hospitality Management

SAIL Lab: The convergence of human and artificial intelligence

Dr. Jiaqi Gong | Computer Science

Brain, Learning, and Education Lab: Educational Neuroscience

Dr. Macarena Suárez Pellicioni | Educational Studies in Psychology

Dynamic Math Lab: Dynamic digital tools for elementary mathematics

Dr. Sheunghyun Yeo | Curriculum and Instruction

Multimessenger Astrophysics Lab

Dr. Marcos Santander | Physics and Astronomy

B-RAD Lab: The Brain Research Across Development Lab

Dr. Caitlin M. Hudac | Psychology / CYDI

Mechanical Properties of Materials Lab

Dr. Nilesh Kumar | MTE

Bonizzoni Lab: Analytical applications of non-covalent interactions

Dr. Marco Bonizzoni | Chemistry and Biochemistry

The sociolinguistics and sociophonetics of Hot Latin Music Artists

Elizabeth Naranjo Hayes | Modern Languages and Classics

Maternal and Infant Health Research

Dr. Holly Horan | Anthropology

Harris Laboratory for Heterogeneous Catalysis Research

Dr. James Harris | Chemical and Biological Engineering

Insomnia and substance use in people living with HIV

Dr. Shameka L. Cody | Capstone College of Nursing

NextGen Transportation Lab

Dr. Jun Liu | Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering

Black Newspapers, Black Males and Media

Dr. George Daniels | Journalism and Creative Media

The Fashion Archive Lab

Dr. Marcy L. Koontz | Clothing, Textiles & Interior Design

AMS Lab: Exploring Native Alabama and documenting tribal treaties and regional land sales

Dr. Mairin Odle | American Studies

Data Science Laboratory: New Physics Discovery with Machine Learning

Dr. Sergei Gleyzer | Physics and Astronomy

CRES Program: Audience on social media platforms

Dr. Amber Buck | English

CRES Program: Black feminist rhetorician and advocate of music, language, and pedagogy

Dr. Alexis McGee | English

CRES Program: Decolonizing digital rhetorics, literacies, and identities.

Dr. Cindy Tekobbe | English

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Studio Art Printmaking

Sarah Marshall, M.F.A. | Art & Art History

McKain Lab: Genomic adaptations of flowering plants

Dr. Michael McKain | Biological Sciences

Kim Lab: Host-pathogen interactions between meningeal pathogens and the blood-brain barrier

Prof Brandon Kim | Biological Sciences

Federal, state, and local laws, ordinances, and policies affecting transportation

Steven Polunsky | Transportation Policy Research Center

Office for Undergraduate Research

Dr. Kim Bissell and Jackie Harrison | Office for Undergraduate Research