UA 156 Research Agreement Form Requirements

While all of this information will be on the agreement form, please be aware that your research agreement MUST include:

Faculty Mentor Information: You need your faculty mentor’s full name, preferred email address, department and college within the University.

Research Term: Indicate the semester you are completing UA 156.

Project Title: Come up with a general title for your research. Try to be a little more specific than “UA 156” or “Research Project.” If you will  be working on multiple projects, indicate that with “Multiple Projects” and then give at least one example.

Work Hours per Week:  Indicate how many hours you are expected to work on average every week.

Work Location: Identify where you will be working (e.g., in a lab, an office, a personal computer, in the field).

Assigned Duties, Work Expectations, and/or Deliverables: Describe your research activities and goals here. Deliverables (e.g., academic journal article, launch of software) should include an estimated deadline.

Additional Notes or Expectations: You can include additional information here. For example, indicate if you need training before you are able to begin working, indicate that training.

Note: When you have completed this form with your faculty mentor, it must be turned into 313 Lloyd Hall.