First Semester, UA 155

Remember to check your Crimson email! (please check your spam/junk folder often to ensure you are receiving emails from Emails will only be sent to your Crimson account.

While you are in UA 155, you will be introduced to research taking place across campus. Early in the semester, you will also be asked to communicate with faculty who you may want to work with during your research semester. While not required, during your UA 155 semester, we encourage you to shadow in a lab or two. Ultimately, you are responsible for identifying and making arrangements to work with a specific faculty member during UA 156.During UA 155, you will be required to identify the person you wish to work with in your research semester. Please communicate with your identified faculty member about expectations during your research semester. You should plan to meet with your faculty member within two weeks of the following semester. (UA 156).

Second Semester, UA 156

UA 156 is your course name for your research semester. You will note that the meeting time and room for UA 156 in the class schedule will be marked TBA, that is okay. UA 156 is treated much like an independent study, there are no set meeting times or locations for this course. Instead, you should arrange a weekly research schedule with your faculty mentor within the first two weeks of the semester. The director of the Emerging Scholars Program is the instructor of record for UA 156, however, your faculty mentor will be recommending a grade for you for this course.

Within the first two weeks of the start of classes, you should complete the Research Agreement Form (see below). You must meet with your faculty mentor before you complete this form. 

UA 156 is different from Departmental Course Credit! You certainly may enroll in departmental course credit after you complete the Emerging Scholars Program. Or you may enroll in departmental course credit before you begin the Emerging Scholars Program. You may not receive ESP credit for departmental course credit. That is, you must enroll in UA 156 to complete the Emerging Scholars Program.

If you experience unanticipated issues during your research semester, contact the director of the Emerging Scholars Program as soon as possible. Do not wait until the end of the semester.

Research Agreement Form

Poster Presentation at URCA


You must participate in URCA as an Emerging Scholar. While we encourage you to present completed projects, we do have a “works in progress” category so that you are able to still participate in URCA even if you have not finished your study.