Dr. Tricia Witte (pronounced "witty") obtained a BA in Psychology and an MA in Clinical Psychology from Loyola University in Maryland and earned a PhD in Clinical Psychology from the University of Arkansas. She completed her predoctoral internship on the Trauma Track at the Medical University of South Carolina on a federally funded grant. She also trained at Johns Hopkins University’s Behavioral Pharmacology Research Unit, the Baltimore Veterans Administration’s Psychiatry Department, the Charleston Veterans Administration’s Primary Care Clinic and Couples Clinic, IMPACT Day Treatment Center for Children, the University of Arkansas Psychological Clinic, the University of Arkansas Counseling and Psychological Services, and numerous domestic violence counseling agencies in Maryland and Arkansas. She is a licensed psychologist and has supervised therapists-in-training at the Capstone Family Therapy Clinic and the Psychological Clinic at the University of Alabama. Dr. Witte’s areas of academic, research, and clinical interest include trauma, dating violence, substance abuse, and addiction.​