Dr. Diana S. Dolliver is an assistant professor and cyber criminologist in the Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice at the University of Alabama. She also serves as the Academic Director for the region's Joint Electronic Crimes Task Force (JECTF), which houses the Network Intrusion Lab (NIL). Dr. Dolliver’s areas of expertise include Tor-based criminality, drug trafficking, law enforcement (use of force, community policing, active shooter preparedness, and technology), and digital forensics. Her current research projects involve studying cybersecurity risks, drug trafficking, and weapons markets on the Tor Network. More broadly, Dr. Dolliver also examines socio-cultural aspects of cybercrime, transnational organized crime and drug trafficking, and the existing links between these criminal phenomena.  In addition to her research, Dr. Dolliver teaches graduate-level and undergraduate-level classes in digital forensics, cyber security and warfare, drugs and crime, and policing. She has presented her research internationally, to include conferences in Poland and China.