Aramis Rickey is a sophomore at The University of Alabama majoring in Chemical and Biological Engineering. His interests in research center around electrochemistry and materials. Throughout his freshman year, Aramis worked in the Electrochemistry Engineering for Materials lab focused on the development of optimal superconductors. Hopefully, by using a Rhenium- Molybdenum electroplated alloy, the efficiency of the super conductor will be increased without any cracking of the film. During the summer of 2018, Aramis will be doing Neurological Engineering research of sensory systems at the University of South Florida. In the Functional Material Engineering Lab, Aramis hopes to optimize prosthetics based on localized electrical impulses to achieve more accurate simulation of the desired cells and prevent confusing electrical impulses between other electrical devices. Aramis hopes to continue this research in the coming years and optimize the specific material parameters. After his undergraduate years, Aramis plans to attend graduate school for Chemical and Biological Engineering. He is very excited to help lend his expertise to aid other students in pursuing and becoming involved in undergraduate research.