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Kaylin Bowen

Kaylin Bowen.Meet Kaylin Bowen

I’m Kaylin Bowen, a dual status senior undergraduate and master’s student in journalism, and I am obsessed with understanding the why of things. Specifically, why identity is related to the mass media. During my first year at the University of Alabama, I participated in the Emerging Scholars program.

I was able to help Dr. Kim Bissell in her background research for a study featuring the perceptions of body image in youth. I loved it. Now that I am starting to consider what research I would like to do during my time in the MA program, body image is central to my interests. Currently, I am working on the theoretical aspects of my thesis, specifically using social identity theory to understand the possible impact of representations of women in comic books on the female reader’s body image and self-esteem.

The relationship between women and comics has, so far, not been studied in depth, but given the rise of interest in the characters be it in the original print medium, television, or film I think it’s important to see if there is a positive or negative effect. I’m very excited to see where it will take me in the following year.