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Emerging Scholar co-leads Spatial Ecology and Conservation Lab Project

Undergraduate students at UA's arboretum.A group of University of Alabama researchers, including Drs. Eben Broadbent and Angelica Almeyda Zambrano and Emerging Scholar Kathryn Shay, have been using technology to understand the migration patterns of birds. The team involved in the undergraduate co-led project by SPEC Lab undergraduate Kathryn Shay has installed multiple recording units within UA’s Arboretum.
The Arboretum is a 60-acre green reserve that acts as a living laboratory for the researchers. The recording units placed within the arboretum are capable of recording weeks of birdcalls. Kathryn is responsible for combing through the material collected. Kathryn’s team hopes to use these recordings to create a baseline for research into changing bird populations.

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