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Student Spotlights

  • Ian Prado

    Ian Prado, a senior majoring in Math and Physics, is just one of the Emerging Scholars Class of 2012 that had the opportunity to participate in an incredibly interesting and innovative undergraduate research project through the Emerging Scholars Program. While in the Emerging Scholars Program, …

  • Maxton Thoman

    A senior majoring in Biology and Spanish from St. Louis, MO, Maxton Thoman has been partaking in undergraduate research for the past two years while at the Capstone. Originally introduced to academic investigation through the Computer-Based Honors Program, Maxton has long been drawn towards a …

  • Kaylin Bowen

    Meet Kaylin Bowen I’m Kaylin Bowen, a dual status senior undergraduate and master’s student in journalism, and I am obsessed with understanding the why of things. Specifically, why identity is related to the mass media. During my first year at the University of Alabama, I …



Where will your curiosity lead you?

Undergraduate research can enrich a student’s undergraduate experience by offering a way to actively engage in learning outside of the classroom. Undergraduate researchers work side-by-side with a faculty mentor who challenges them intellectually and can become a lifetime mentor.

Undergraduate research experiences like those provided at UA through a variety of programs are widely recognized as a high impact practice.

We in UA’s Office of Undergraduate Research are eager to provide you with the information and resources you need to engage in original inquiry, scholarship, and creative work during your undergraduate years at the Capstone.

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The Undergraduate Research &
Creative Activity Conference

The Undergraduate Research & Creative Activity Conference is a premier annual event at The University of Alabama that provides undergraduates an opportunity to highlight their research or creative activity.

In addition to bringing attention to the excellent work of University students, the Conference allows students to gain experience presenting, compete for cash prizes and form relationships with their faculty mentors and fellow Conference presenters.

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